August 1, 2019

When will we begin to take child sex trafficking more seriously?

Regan Williams, co-founder of Seen and Heard, wants adults to listen to children.

DEREK BERES 31 July, 2019

Between Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader, there’s been a lot of talk about child sex trafficking and child pornography in the news lately. If the media properly covered these topics, we would always be talking about how children are abused. Sadly, the reason we’re discussing it now is due to these men’s links to the current administration. Better that than nothing, however.

Some people do talk about these topics often; they just aren’t heard all that much. Regan Williams, the CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit, Seen and Heard, has made taking care of and raising awareness of foster youth a focus of her life. Having known Regan for a number of years, it is refreshing to watch someone so fully try to create a better world for the underserved, especially as those in need are children.

They need our help. As you’ll read in our conversation below (listen to our talk here), 300,000 children in America are trafficked for sex every year; the global number is in the millions. Sadly, foster youth are a prime target for traffickers.

Organizations like Seen and Heard are essential for helping to raise children to be empowered adults. The nonprofit teaches social and career skills through performing arts. As Williams mentions below, most foster youth have experienced trauma, often physical abuse or sexual trauma. Acting and role playing offer them opportunities to cooperate and collaborate while thinking critically and creatively. No child deserves abuse from the worst of us.

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